Send SMS online with the #1 business text messaging platform

Bulk text messaging at a price you'll love

Whether you’re a local garage sending 20 personalised MOT reminders or a global brand scheduling 1,000,000 promotional texts, our online SMS marketing platform is perfect. It’s packed with cutting-edge tools that let you add colour, content and personalisation to your SMS campaigns, and is supported by a dedicated and passionate team of experts.

Send your first message in minutes

Our award-winning platform requires no software. Simply log in and send an SMS online in minutes.

  • Use our Email to SMS system to trigger messages from any CRM or email platform at no additional cost.
  • If you’ve got a development team, then give them access to our high-speed API and let them seamlessly integrate your systems with ours.


Manage contacts easily

There’s no need to type all of your contacts’ details one by one, choose an import method that suits you.

  • Copy and paste
  • Import from a spreadsheet
  • Automate with CSV via SMS FTP
  • Synchronise with our SMS API
Need some contacts first? Try a keyword and a 5-digit short number with a compelling reward to sign people up. Take a look at our SMS short number and SMS long number pages for further information. Or, for more inspiration and ideas, take a look at this blog post.

Include attachments

Give more information by attaching files to your messages. We host them for you and tell you how many clicks you’ve had. Popular attachments include:

  • Documents –Word, PDF, Excel
  • Pictures – JPG, PNG
  • Audio/video – MP3, MP4, AVI


Platform features

Single numbers or large groups

Think it, write it, send it. Whatever the size of your send we’ll have your message out there in seconds.

Long messages

When you send an SMS online, don’t settle for 160 characters, use up to 918 characters per message as standard text/GSM or 315 Unicode.

Brand your messages

Send SMS online using your business name to promote brand identity.


Save time and see better results by scheduling your online SMS campaigns with a delivery time that works best for your message.


Save time by storing your recent online SMS campaigns and using them again at a later date.

Stagger delivery

We’ll batch the messages into manageable chunks. Just choose a start time, end time and interval. This is great for when you want to send large volumes or amazing offers.

Make your own mobile web pages

Send SMS online and include a trackable link to a mobile friendly web page, made using our simple tool.

  • Provide all the details to support your campaign.
  • Personalise it to each person you are sending it to.
  • Include links to our other features like surveys and tickets.


Create forms and surveys

To ensure a high level of customer satisfaction is maintained, it’s vital in any sector or industry to keep improving your services. With our online platform, you can create and send multi-page, mobile ready:

  • Forms
  • Surveys
  • Questionnaires
  • Polls
To get started, just create your personalised form and attach it to a text message using a clickable link.

Support Unicode characters

Vibe Active SMS support Unicode characters as well as other encoding character sets such as GSM 0.38 and ISO-8859-1.


Send messages on the go with our app

Away from your desktop or laptop? Send SMS online to your contacts or groups with our app. It’s available to download on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. You can:

  • Import contacts from your phone in seconds
  • Make groups or send to existing groups
  • See messages in your inboxes
  • Redeem tickets and vouchers

Monitor results with detailed SMS reporting

Tracking the results of your outbound online SMS campaigns helps to develop and improve the way that you communicate with your list going forward. Our online SMS platform enables you to:

  • Get detailed reporting on deliveries.
  • See all of the contacts opting out of your messages.
  • Track who clicks on your campaign links.


Enjoy more features with Messenger+

For multi-site or multi-user businesses, we’ve created Messenger+. This includes all of your usual online platform features, plus the ability to help you control who can see and do what. Including:

  • User roles with permissions and audit trail.
  • Restricted templates for control of content.
  • Send approval facility for quality control.