Send instant text messages with our SMPP API

Integrate with our simple, high speed SMPP and start sending text messages

Our SMS SMPP service

Our SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) server supports the SMPP v3.4 industry standard and is used for sending a high number of messages and delivery receipts in an instant, direct from the operator.

Our SMPP provides the ability to send high volume of SMS from a system to your contacts’ smartphones in seconds. It is typically used for ‘one to many’ sending where a large numbers of text messages are required – such as updating gaming and gambling customers with instant betting odds, or sending communities and employees updates on local disasters.


Reliable SMS SMPP speed

Our SMPP service can send up to 600 messages a second and receive instant delivery receipts. Our Platinum Operator status guarantees the highest quality text service at the best possible speeds.

SMPP features you can rely on

High Speed

High speed (up to 600 messages a second) and get instant delivery receipts.

Test your Integration

Our gateway comes with a test mode, so you can test your integration without delivering any messages.

Widely Supported

Our SMPP gateway is technically brilliant with unicode, GSM 0.38 and ISO-8859-1 support.

Send Anytime, Anywhere

Send your text messages when you want. Messages can be scheduled either absolutely or relatively.

SMPP Test Gateway

Unlike many SMS platforms, our SMPP can be fully tested with a unique testing mode.

For testing, any submit_sm PDU with a ton of 99, messages will not deliver but will be accepted and receipted in the same way as a live message would be.

Test our SMPP and sign up today.


SMS API support documents

Vibe Actives high-speed SMS API gateway is scalable and can send up to 600 messages a second. Our SMS gateway is also the most supported too, with detailed documentation and a dedicated support team, based in the UK. For more information on how to use our receive SMS online API and send SMS API please read our documents to see how you can start using our API.