Email to SMS Gateway

Send instant, personalised text messages - including PDF attachments - from any email client with our Email to SMS gateway
Send bulk text messages from an email client such as Outlook or Gmail, using Email to SMS, and receive SMS replies in your email inbox. You can also add SMS attachments to your emails, which your recipients will via a download link in their SMS. Email to SMS is a hassle-free way to instantly contact customers, staff or group members – without logging into our online platform.

Send SMS from an email

Enable the Email to SMS option in your Vibe Active SMS account to start sending text messages. Once you’ve enabled the option, simply send an email to ‘’ with your message in the body of the email.

You can configure the send SMS API endpoint to send an SMS from the email address you’ve used to register with Vibe Active SMS, or you can authorise other email addresses on your account.


Send SMS to contact groups

You can send an Email to SMS message to a contact group in your Vibe Active SMS account. Each contact group has its own Email to SMS, in the format

Use our wizard to learn how you can create a contact group and start sending to contact groups today.

Send SMS campaigns securely

We take the security and confidentially of your message seriously, and we’ve developed a unique feature which lets you password protect your Email to SMS sends. If you’ve switched this feature on, simply then add password=xxx to your subject line, replacing xxx with your Vibe Active SMS account password.

Discover how you can make you Email to SMS more secure with Vibe Active SMS.


Custom Email to SMS

Have your SMS text arrive on the recipients phone addressed from your name, company name or phone number. Either set as the default name in your Vibe Active SMS Email to SMS settings, or set sender=xxxx on the subject line.

You can also ensure that your signature, or other email footer content, is not included in your SMS by adding ## to the end of your email