SIP Trunks

A cost-effective alternative to ISDN, SIP Trunks provide flexibility and business continuity.

Vibe Active’s SIP Trunking service has been developed to provide businesses of any size with cost-effective voice services over any dedicated internet connection without the need for large capital investment, they also provide free calls between multiple site locations.

SIP Trunks enable businesses with multiple sites to decrease the number of lines and PBX systems deployed across their organisation.

Business Continuity

In the event of an emergency or temporary office re-location, your calls can be quickly and easily diverted without expensive call forwarding costs.


SIP Trunks not only give you the flexibility to re-route calls in an emergency or to meet peak demands, ensuring that you never lose business.

Easy Implementation

Installation is simple and non-disruptive. Suitable for any sized organisation from small businesses to large enterprises. We advise on upgrading equipment, leased lines and Ethernet products to guarantee the best results from our SIP Trunk service.

Number Flexibility

SIP Trunks allow you to retain local numbers even if your office is located elsewhere. If you use a non-geographic number like an 0800, 0843 or 0844 or a virtual geographic number 01 or 02 we can display that number as your outgoing caller ID (CLI).

Cheaper than ISDN

Companies using Vibe Active’s SIP connections will be charged at considerably lower rates than BT’s on all UK fixed, mobile and international Calls. In general, all SIP Trunk charges will be less than what you currently pay your present supplier.

Free up your Existing Lines

By adding SIP trunks to your existing system you can make all internal calls over the SIP Trunks free of charge, freeing up your existing lines to be able to make or receive more calls to or from your customers.

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