Virtual Numbers

Get your Virtual number today - 01, 02, 03 area codes if you are a tradesperson you can can have the benefits of a big feature rich telephone system but without the cost.

For £5.00 + VAT per month per number* you can have an area code of your choice**. With all numbers you can have additional features at no extra cost.

How does it work?

Once you have decided on the number you want we will connect the number to either your existing landline or your mobile number. When you receive a call, the call will come through to your phone just the same as if they had called your landline or mobile directly.

If you are using your home phone or your personal mobile this is a great service to remain professional as you can have a Call Whisper. A Call Whisper is when you answer the call you can have a pre recorded message played to you so that you know its a call for your business and not a personal call, that way you can answer it as "Thank you for calling XYZ" instead of just "Hello".

If you are on the phone or away from your phone you can be alerted by email of missed calls with the date, time and number allowing you or a colleague to call them back, or you can have it go to voicemail that can then be emailed to you or a colleague.

Imagine you are laying in bed and your phone rings and wakes you or your family up? With a Virtual Number from Vibe Active you can setup a time profile so that outside of your business hours calls can either trip over to a colleagues phone (anywhere in the world) or the calls can go to voicemail, which can then be emailed to you or a colleague with the details of the call, for example time date number and the voicemail as an attachment.

If you would like to know more about our Virtual Numbers and the possibilities for your business or the additional services that are available on the numbers. Please complete the form on the right and specify the number range you would like and if you would like us to call you back at a convenient time to disucss your requirements.

* Paid monthly via Direct Debit.

** Certain London area codes are limited.

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