0845 Numbers

0845 Overview

0845 numbers were launched around 20 years ago and remain the most popular Non Geographic number range. 0845 numbers have many benefits: They are instantly recognisable, they have a positive marketing message, offer low call costs and are well regarded by the public.

When you get a 0845 number from Vibe Active, the eleven digit non-geographic number will give your business a national presence because you won’t be tied to an area code, such as 01702.

With a 0845 number from Vibe Active you can direct it to and call it from any UK landline or mobile. When you get a 0845 number it doesn’t replace your original phone number, it simply works alongside it, and so you can still use the underlying number if you need to. If you decide to work from home, Vibe Active can redirect your 0845 number to your mobile, or an alternative landline, because we manage your call routing plan.

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