0800 0808 Free Phone Numbers

What are 0800 & 0808 Free-phone numbers?

We provide a choice of number from our wide range so UK businesses can point these and receive inbound telephone calls. There is no cost to the caller which removes one small barrier to business enquiries. All calls are directed to any existing fixed line telephone number in the UK, or you can direct to your mobile.

Zero call costs for customers

To increase the number of enquiry calls you receive from your advertising and marketing investment, you may consider using one or more Freephone numbers as part of a pro-active sales and marketing strategy. Companies in all industry types involved in selling any products or service could benefit from a 0800 number service. Industry statistics indicate use of 0800 and 0808 numbers in marketing / advertising activities can increase response rates considerably by absorbing the cost of enquiry.

Freephone numbers - UK rates

No charge is made for the call to the calling party. The cost of the call is charged to the company using the 0800/0808 number to receive calls. The cost of calls through Vibe Active is billed per second and not per minute as some of our competitors choose to do.

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