Avaya IPOffice

Avaya IP Office Essex Small Business Telephone System

Avaya IP Office – Small and Midsize Business

Create your most productive mobile workforce. Easily and cost-effectively increase communications capacity, adding enhanced capabilities as your business expands. Gain business and customer service efficiencies. Avaya IP Office is easily customised to meet the communications needs of any small, midsize, enterprise branch, and growing business. Flexibility, scalability, and options are built right in.

Analogue, ISDN2, ISDN30, SIP Trunks - Stay ahead of the pack.

You chose your connectivity - The Award Winning Avaya IPOffice takes them all, you can even mix and match. Don't wait until you have a disaster we can ensure that you will always be able to make and receive calls even if one of your connections is out.

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Analogue Lines

Just because you only have analogue lines doesn't mean you can't have the great powerful features of the Avaya IPOffice for your business. Fax Line, PDQ Line, or just a backup line, the IPOffice takes them all.

ISDN2 Lines

Looking for caller ID, and direct extension dialling? With ISDN2 you benefit from multiple simultaneous calls, see who is calling with caller ID, and give everyone their own direct dial number.

ISDN 30 Lines

Already have 3 ISDN2's do you need to add more lines? switching to ISDN30 is the next step once you require 8 channels or more, as well as caller ID and direct extension dialling you will be able to make even more simultaneous calls.

SIP Trunks

Getting SIP trunks for IPOffice is the right thing to do, you get caller ID, direct extension dialling, including free calls between sites (both sites require sip trunks) and SIP trunks allows you to double your line capacity reducing costs..


Help receptionists manage high call volume from their PCs. Streamline call handling with easy point-and-click call controls. A list of incoming calls and call status displays on the PC screen. Integrate with commonly used database software. Monitor all office extensions. Have one receptionist provide coverage for multiple offices.

Power User

Users control office communications using an IP phone, cell phone or laptop. Users receive all their messages,voice, email, and fax in a single inbox, and are automatically notified of important messages. Set up conference calls on the fly, and have calls ring simultaneously on both mobile and desk phones.

Office Worker

Designed for employees who work primarily at their desks, these communication tools help workers answer questions and convey critical information. Use a single, easy to use interface to manage conferencing, check the status of co-workers (on the phone, away, or “do not disturb”) and for messaging, speed dial and IM.

Customer Service Supervisor

This monitoring and reporting application lets small businesses track and measure interactions and productivity in customer sales and service. Get reports to manage your sales activities, judge the value of marketing campaigns, and see how well agents are handling customer calls.

Mobile Worker

Make any mobile phone an extension of the office phone system, complete with call handling features and speed dials. No more giving out personal reach numbers. Know that when customers call, they are dialing your business numbers, not your employees' personal numbers.

Tele Worker

Give teleworker employees who work remotely full time, the same phone and functionality they’d have in the office. Users connect their phones to the company’s phone system via a virtual private network. And because it all goes through the IP Office system, you can hire talent from anywhere and save money.

Customer Service Agent

This browser-based client gives agents information about the number of calls on hold, in progress, or lost, as well as the number of agents logged in and logged out. If no calls are waiting to be answered, an agent can spend more time with the current caller, helping to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

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