Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery!

Most companies think it wont happen to them, until its too late.! Imagine you had an outage of power or even your phone lines, how would your customers reach you then? by email some companies would say, but there is a good chance if your phone lines are out so would your broadband so you wouldn't receive emails either.

With Vibe Active we can divert your numbers instantly to any destination, your mobile, another office located in the UK, or even another office in another country, this can be done instantly and in many cases you have the ability to do this yourself from anywhere in the world.

If you prefer you can have all calls go straight to voicemail 2 email and then have the voicemail emailed directly to your phone.

We hope a disaster never happens but in the unlikely event it does, wouldn't you want to know your customer reaching you is one thing you don't have to be worrying about. Why wait?

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