Leased Lines

Heavy Internet User?

Running a business that relies on the internet to run your business? do you have multiple branches all connecting back to head office? Vibe Active's Leased Lines come with guaranteed bandwidth that you don’t have to share with anyone else?.

A leased line is basically a private internet connection. With a leased line, your business will be directly connected to the internet without having to share that connection with any other businesses or home users. Having a dedicated connection means that the speed you pay for is the speed you get - guaranteed.

High speeds

When you commission an internet leased line you will make two decisions on speed; Firstly how fast you want your connection to run day to day and secondly what type of bearer you want (this governs the maximum speed your connection will be able to achieve without further installation). Throughput speeds can be anywhere from 2Mpbs up to 1Gb depending on what you need. If you would like to talk through which speed set up might work best for your business, please give us a call for a no obligation review.

Improved security

Leased lines create a private connection between you and the network, making your data transfer more secure. This is the technology often used to connect banks and other financial institutions, so a very important consideration if you have mission critical data about your business or customers that you need to keep safe.

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