Nothing Complicated

There is nothing more frustrating that receiving a telephone bill and not being able to understand it. When you transfer your existing service to Vibe Active, you will receive an easy to read and easy to understand telephone bill.

1 Employee or 10,000+ employees

Our telephone bills keep all the departments happy, your bill will come via email with three attachments, the invoice for the accounts department, the summary for the IT manager and the excel spreadsheet for the finance director.

Per Second Billing

Many companies round your calls up to the nearest minute which means you pay a whole minute even if you reach a voicemail. With Vibe Active we use per second billing, this means you only pay for what you use.

Vibe Active provide telephone solutions for businesses of all sizes including Schools, Colleges and County Councils where billing processes are all different. If your business requires any specialist billing formats or departmental billing we can provide it.


Switch to Vibe Active today and start saving, see why our customers have been with us for 10 Years. Call 0844 856 1800