Analogue PSTN

No Hassle Business Phone Lines

Are you looking for an Analogue telephone line no matter what type of use Vibe Active can install and supply your business phone line qickly and efficiently, no dealing with call centres or pushy sales people. As a customer of Vibe Active its our goal to provide you with outstanding service. You simply order your new line from Vibe Active and we take care of the rest, we will liase with Openreach and arrange for your new line to be installed.

Vibe Active takes the strain out of transferring!

We are able to transfer your business line rentals and apply discounts that are much less than other supplier’s standard rates. By transferring your business line rentals to us, you can make big savings on each line. We can transfer all types of lines, analogue or digital, and can ensure that any current services you have on these lines are kept exactly as they are.

The transfer of your business line rentals is seamless and ensures no downtime, The line continues to be maintained by Openreach (Not BT) and should any faults occur Vibe Active will manage the fault process from start to finish and keep you informed at all times. Irrespective of any fault, you can rest assured that it only takes one phone call to us and we will take ownership from there.

Wherever your office is, porta cabin, building site, underground or overground we are able to provide telephone service to you. At Vibe Active, we can help your business switch safely and securely to the best package to ensure you are working as economically as possible.

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Openreach Van

Streamline billing

Many companies want one bill for calls and line rental. If you have a phone line with another provider you can now switch to Vibe Active and receive one bill you for line rental and telephone calls. There is no need to install anything or change your number.