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Coolport Expansion Outlet

At one time or another we’ve all experienced insufficient number of Voice and Data outlets, when you need to plug in one more device. It’s frustrating! Fear not, you can now save time and money by purchasing a Coolport Expansion Outlet. No more waiting for that elusive engineer to arrive - purchase today and be fully functional tomorrow! Connect up to three devices (such as PC, telephone or fax) to one four pair data cable.

  • Purple - 2 x 10/100Base T (Ethernet)
  • Red - 1 x 10/100Base T + 1 x 2 Wire Voice (Analogue)
  • Blue - 1 x 10/100Base T + 2 x 2 Wire Voice (Digital)
  • Amber - 3 x 2 Wire Voice (Digital)

Maximise the number of devices available using existing Category-5 cabling system Operate up to 3 services per single 4 pair data cable Enables rapid equipment deployment is disaster recovery situations Reduces disruption during network expansion Provides added capacity in difficult to cable buildings Plug and play installation.

  • Desk or Wall mountable
  • Small and compact
  • Cheaper thank running in new cables
  • Portable any time anywhere

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