Network Cabling Solution

Is the basic strategic investment on which all other network equipment depends. The cabling network is a critical component of every organisation's I.T. infrastructure. By upgrading improves efficiency and reduces frustrations amongst users maximising overall performance. The flexibility and scalability of your cable network needs to be incorporated into the design right from the start. At Vibe Active we offer experience and expertise allowing us to design a network cabling solution for our customers that delivers more efficiency at a lower cost. We deliver structured cabling solutions for both voice and data networks to meet all your Network requirements, from single buildings to complete estate-wide backbone infrastructures.


Fibre optic cable has many advantages in the ability of sending huge amounts of data over an increased bandwidth. Where copper cable is vulnerable to electronic interference from other electric signals, fibre optic cable is far less susceptible. The cable is also much thinner than copper cable allowing more capacity through less space.

Civil Engineering

Through our strategic partnerships we can provide complete Civil Engineering services to complement the whole project. Our strength is in our project management capability with a proven track record of delivering cabling installation services giving clear and precise direction delivering within tight deadlines.

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