BT Engineer

Dispel the myth

Most people naturally assume because you’ve got a BT socket or equipment stamped with the BT logo, you must call BT.

Stop Right There!
You could be calling the wrong person and/or company and costing you far more than you actually need to pay.

BT no longer exists as the one and only company to deliver services to your home or business. Did you know that when you call BT to make an appointment for an engineer, you’re actually speaking to another department within BT who request Openreach to deliver the services?

You might ask who are Openreach?

Openreach is part of the BT group but it operates independently from the rest of BT and works on behalf of all telecommunication providers to ensure that equal access is provided to the local network (connection from your property to local exchange). This also ensures you have more flexibility in the services you can buy, and saving you money.

Vibe Actives relationship with Openreach and the major carriers means that when you switch your service to us, not only are you benefitting from the experience and knowledge of our own telephone engineers, but you have the back up of Openreach, however you only have to make one call to us and we take care of the rest, taking away the stress and anxiety of dealing with outsourced call centres and script readers and the computer says no scenario.

Call us now to order your new line or to move your existing services to us Tel: 0844 856 1800